Holistic Personalised Nutrition, Mindset, and Lifestyle Strategies, Empowering You with the Tools to Boost Your Energy Levels 

Nutritional Therapy is not just about food but an holistic approach to nutrition, lifestyle and mindset that supports you to:

  • Have the energy levels, focus and productivity you want to be able to get stuff done
  • Have confidence to prioritise what your body needs in order to support increased energy levels 
  • Build sustainable habits that last a lifetime

Are you finding....

Your tired of being tired all the time. You want more from life than living with constant fatigue
You want to reduce cravings and avoid those energy slumps
You've tried the apps and evening classes but nothing seems to last and you want sustainable change 
You feel sluggish, bloated and uncomfortable and have had enough

You're not alone in this and it is within your reach to have clarity and increased energy levels. I'm Claire, a registered Nutritional Therapist and I'm here to give you the tools, discipline and knowledge to be able to prioritise your health, not just for a week, or a month
but for a lifetime.


1:1 Personalised Nutritional Therapy

The BOOST Method signature programme is a personalised nutrition, mindset and lifestyle strategy crafted for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs navigating chronic illnesses.

 Tailored to meet the unique needs of those seeking enhanced energy, focus, and productivity to pursue their dreams, this program offers a transformative blend of a retreat day, 12 weeks of personalised support, and a comprehensive blood test and organic acids test to aid targeted results. 


I saw changes quickly

'I have CFS and after working with you for 12 weeks, I'm feeling much healthier.

My bloating and discomfort have disappeared. I have more energy, I'm sleeping better and overall I feel my body is getting back to 'normal'.

I saw changes quickly but there was no rush or pressure. You're very understanding and it didn't feel like I was talking to a stranger, you took your time to know my needs and myself.'

Student, UK

I was able to ditch the daily antibiotics

'Following Claire's advice I looked at the balance of food in my diet to improve my energy levels and made some significant changes. This has had the additional benefit of curing my chronic cystitis and amazingly I have been able to ditch the daily antibiotics which I have been on for two years.

I feel like a new women and am so pleased I followed Claire's simple steps to improve my overall health. Thank you Claire, you are an inspiration'. 

Business Owner, UK

Personalised to me

'Claire could not be more helpful or generous with her time and advice. Her advice is practical and based on what works for you rather than setting tough new rules you’d struggle to stick with.

Claire’s aim is to set you up to manage your own well-being independently and she takes genuine delight in seeing her clients thrive. I thoroughly recommend the investment. Thanks, Claire!'

Business Owner, UK

Want to experience results like this for yourself? 


I struggled with CFS/ME for years and was told I would never recover. I believed there was no way out and felt hopeless but then I discovered the power of smarter eating, positive mindset changes and investing in my health. I got my energy back and can now say I'm recovered. This sparked a desire to want to support others who are in that place of feeling there is no other way.

I'm Claire Thomas, a children's nurse who spent three years undertaking a Post Graduate Diploma in Personalised Nutrition to become a registered Nutritional Therapist and NLP Practitioner and who has also been in the place where you find yourself now. I've increased my energy levels and I believe you can have the energy levels you want to in life and I'm here to support you to have the same.

I work with purpose driven female entrepreneurs, who want more from life, who have big dreams and want the ability to meet them. Who want to wake up with excitement to face the day, be focused and productive at work and have the energy to make the healthy food after a busy day.

Together we will get focused on what you need to improve your energy levels. You'll gain clarity and develop strategies that will support nourishment of body, mind and spirit. Take the first step and book a free 30 minute health and energy review.



Share your Health Issues

Enjoy a free 30 minute health and energy review where I can start to see what is needed for you to increase your energy levels. 


Create a Targeted Approach

Together we will create a personalised nutrition, mindset and lifestyle plan that gives you actions over the 12 weeks to increase your energy levels. 


Enjoy  the Life You want to Lead

It's time to enjoy the vitality you have unlocked and be able to get focused on your dreams, feeling like you can take action to reach them.

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